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A strength training program designed to help women of all ages build strength and confidence in themselves and their workouts.


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Access all of the DO Fitness programs available on the platform for one flat monthly rate with the All-Inclusive Membership! From at-home strength training and fat burning programs to prenatal and postnatal programs!


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  • Access to¬†BOTH home & gym training programs

  • 4x strength + 1x conditioning¬†sessions per week

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  • Track your progress & log your weights within the app
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  • 7-Day free trial

  • Access to¬†BOTH home & gym training programs

  • 4x strength + 1x conditioning¬†sessions per week

  • Detailed exercise videos with voice-over¬†form cues¬†
  • Track your progress & log your weights within the app
  • Engaged, private¬†membership community

  • Weekly form reviews
  • Auto-renew; cancel anytime

$347.00 /Annually

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  • You're frustrated that you're not seeing results, yet you're working hard each week
  • You're confused by all the¬†noise¬†surrounding fitness and exercise that you come across on the internet
  • You're tired of spinning your wheels and¬†ready to work smarter, not harder in the gym or at home
  • You're ready to have¬†a set plan with a clear direction every week
  • You're ready to feel strong and confident in your workouts and in your body



At DO Fitness we're training for muscle growth.  Having muscle on your body is important not only now, but years from now as we continue to age and lose muscle mass. Hypertrophy training is the most efficient way to build muscle and achieve that "toned" or "lean" look that so many of us desire.
Constantly changing up your workouts isn't helping you to build muscle.  Within the DO Fitness App, we'll be focusing on repetition within the main movement patterns and progressing through our exercises week after week.  I program all of our training blocks with progressive overload in mind!
While our main goal is to build muscle, it's still important to train our overall endurance and cardiovascular systems as well!  Each week, I'll provide you with an optional conditioning styled workout to help elevate your heart rate and really push the limits!  You can, of course, sub this out with other forms of exercise you enjoy, such as running, biking, yoga, pilates, group classes, etc.!

What to Expect



A coach who cares and wants to see you succeed in your fitness journey.  Gain access to me, ask me questions and get support directly within the App!



Surround yourself with like-minded women who are just as eager to reach their goals! Lean on the DO Fit community for support and motivation throughout your fitness journey!



With the right coaching and community surrounding you, consistency in your routine becomes easier!  Finally create the consistency necessary to see long-term results.

Women's Strength Training Program

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$29.00 Billed Monthly

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$347.00 Billed Annually 

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Only Available 1x per/year. Date TBD




This program is amazing! I am a full time working mom of 2 young kids. This program works with my life! I am able to get all my workouts done at home. Dana is an inspiration because she is a mom and is able to work full time and get her work outs done! Them membership is super user friendly and you have everything you need at your fingertips. I also have really bad knees and she provides modifications which is super helpful. 


I started your program full time I believe it was February of 2022! I was postpartum almost one year with my third child and let me just tell you that your program has made so much stronger and so much more accountable!

I look forward to working out everyday and knowing you are always an easy message away if I need help or motivation and to me that makes your program so much more unique - especially if needed to modify at the beginning!

I no longer have to modify much anymore and I just feel so much better about my mom body!

-Danielle Smith 

I became a member of Dana Oleksuk fitness last winter. I’m a working mom of 3 littles. I needed something more than a morning run to keep me feeling in shape, and I needed something I could do quickly! I love the progress I see in myself. I love the workouts. I love the support from both Dana and the other group members on the DO Fit Membership Facebook page. I get up before 5 every morning, springing out of bed excited to do my workout and feel great for the day! I’ve never felt happier about myself & my body! 

-Lindsay Taylor

 What can I say about this program/membership that will do it justice!?

I was following along with Dana’s workout via her Instagram account. Her workouts were quick and effective. She started doing “challenges” and what I really liked about them is they were tailored to your fitness level. Once you joined the challenge you joined the Facebook page which contained other women that have joined. This Facebook page became more than just “a check in” this page became checking in on everyone’s journey, celebrating individuals milestones. It is inspiring to be a part of a group of women from all over the world who hold each other accountable, and understand the busy/hectic lifestyles and if you skip a workout it’s ok. If you have to be sidelined it’s ok. We are all here to support one another and be each other’s cheerleaders so when you jump back in we are here to cheer you on. 

I joined this group with a friend to stay active during COVID, however, it’s given me so much more. I have met incredible women along this journey and it’s become a support system. Some women I’ve never met face to face yet we zoom in and do the workouts together and support one another outside of workouts. 

The workouts are phenomenal, Dana has really set the bar high with her program. With her videos, demonstrations, her positive attitude, the app is easy to use and best of all you gain 125+ friends. Dana has changed my mindset and I will never go back to a gym again. Thank you Dana for creating this program, for being present and sharing your knowledge, for being authentic and real, and for creating a safe space for women (of all different physical levels) to create goals and accomplish them. So happy that I signed up for this membership 2yrs ago, it truly has changed my life.


I have been active my entire life. I love running but have not prioritized my strength training properly in years. As we age we lose muscle and everyone knows this. I have tried many programs and trainers but when I was introduced to Dana’s it was a game changer. My fav part is that she is your friend. Her workouts are never repetitive and they are so challenging, which I love. She is so humble and just another mom like myself with crazy life. She shows her vulnerability and her aspirations and goals but you feel like you are hanging out, virtually of course with a buddy! This is so important to me. Sometimes I literally forget I pay for this monthly! Thank you Dana for really changing my mom life for the better 

-Megan L